Lightning Detection System

Wxline is the leader in designing and making cutting-edge systems that meet the strictest needs for lightning safety and equipment security.

Important safety gear must always work when it’s needed the most. Wxline creates systems that work even when there is lightning and bad weather, so employees can’t make mistakes. These systems can’t be affected by losing power, the internet, cell phone service, or personal computers.

Lightning Protection System

  • Lightning Detection System
    Designed for critical applications, Strike Guard monitors cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning and provides contact-closure signaling at user-set lightning activity thresholds.
  • Strike View Software
    Strike View helps users analyse storm progression, categorize lightning information, and estimate the time to resume operations.
  • Sequencer
    WAVE Sequencer receives RF Transmitter messages and provides three outputs to control relays/contactors appropriate for managing the loads represented by pumps, irrigation systems, and other critical equipment.
  • WxEIB
    Protect your equipment and streamline installations by having equipment factory-installed in a Wxline Equipment Indoor Bulkhead (WxEIB).

Key Benefits of Lightning Protection System


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