What are Water Quality Monitoring Sensors?

It is designed to have that capability to remotely manage and monitor different sensors and collect and analyse the data to meet daily water quality standards.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, enabling remote management and monitoring of various sensors. Its primary function revolves around collecting real-time data from these sensors, which are strategically placed in water bodies or treatment facilities. These sensors are designed to capture critical parameters such as pH levels, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, conductivity, and temperature.

Water Quality Monitoring Sensors Features

  • Real Time Trend Analysis Function
  • Digital Communication Function (RS-232C/RS-485)
  • Microprocessor-Based Digital Program Controller
  • Isolated DC (4-20/0-20/0-24mA) Output Transmission
  • Automatic Cleaning Control Function
  • Low-Cost For User Satisfaction
  • Large graphic LCD display
  • Remote Management

    Remotely manage and monitor sensors allows for efficient and convenient oversight of water quality parameters without the need for constant physical presence at monitoring sites

  • Data Analysis

    Sophisticated algorithms integrated into the system enable in-depth analysis of collected data. This analysis helps in assessing compliance with daily water quality standards, detecting anomalies, and identifying potential sources of contamination or pollution

  • Early Detection of Issues

    The system's capability to detect deviations from normal water quality parameters allows for early identification of potential issues or threats to water quality, enabling prompt intervention and mitigation measures


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