What is A Nanobubble?

It is a technology developed by aging the shear resistance relationship between the interface of the object and the adjacent area. When gas (ex. oxygen) is splitted into nanosize by the shear force generated at the interface of the object, dissolved gas is increased. Nano-sized bubble(gas) exists in water for a long time without degassing, and dissolved gas is maintained high for a long time. 

Nanobubble Applications Field

  • Hydroponics
  • River, Lake Water Quality Improvement
  • Ozone Oxidation
  • Water Cleaning
  • Aquaculture
  • Wastewater, Sewage Treatment
  • Cooling Tower Energy Saving
  • Oxygen Water
  • Pure Nanobubble

    The smaller the bubble, the larger the contact area with the liquid and the longer the contact time, increasing the solubility of the gas. IGS Water nanobubble device (IGS NB) generates pure nanobubbles with a nanobubble ratio over 99%. More than 100 million nanobubbles increase gas solubility by more than 90%, and the dissolved gas concentration remains very high compared to other techniques over time.

  • No Circulation, No Clogging

    IGS Water nanobubble technology is different from existing microbubbles or nanobubbles technologies, generating nanobubbles without circulation. Our nanobubble generator generates nanobubbles without clogging even when water with a high concentration of solid flows in. Our nanobubble generator is operating normally in a bioreactor at a livestock wastewater treatment plant where SS is over 20,000 mg/L.

  • Simple Configuration

    IGS Water nanobubble device consists of a pump and a nanobubble generator. All general pumps, including non-self-priming types, can be used. Our nanobubble device can be assembled by anyone with just a nanobubble generator and a pump. So, we also sell the nanobubble generator separately if the buyer wants it.

  • High Dissolved Gas Concentration

    When air is used in IGS NB, the dissolved oxygen solubility increases to over 150%. This device can maintain dissolved oxygen above 13mg/L using air in water at a temperature of 20 degrees. Using oxygen gas in IGS NB can increase dissolved oxygen to more than 40mg/L.

Key Benefits of Microbubble Generator


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