What is A Static Mixer

Static mixers are used for the continuous mixing of fluid and gas into water streams. 

IGS Water 316SS inline plate static mixers significantly reduce the time required for the mixing process. Areas of high and low pressure are generated throughout each chamber in the static mixer creating intense turbulence resulting in a thorough mix of fluid or gasses being injected into the system

Static Mixer changes the way water molecules relate to each other

Water Becomes Self Sterilizing
Despite the absence of chemicals, the water’s zeta potential is very negative, lowering water surface tension and making bacteria survival difficult. The system altered hydrogen bonding between water molecules. Every water-contact surface generates a high zeta
potential and self-cleans and sterilises.

Disease Coltrol and Endotoxins
The Static Mixer increases coagulation and flocculation to make suspended particles bigger and simpler to filter. Always inject coagulants via a device before mechanical filters. Cryptosporidium oocysts, giardia, nematodes, and dissolved organics must be physically removed by continuous coagulation and flocculation..

  • Barrier Against Pathagens

    After the filter mechanically smashes cryptosporidium oocysts, bacteria floc and even single bacteria. The water is mechanically disinfected and the performance of chlorine is amplified.

  • Best Water Quality

    Before the filter amplifies coagualtion and flocculation reactions of APF and NoPhos to improve the filtration performance of AFM and reduce chlorine consumption.

  • Self Sterilizing Water

    Every surface in contact with the water develops a high zeta potential and becomes self-cleaning & sterilizing.

Key Benefits of Static Mixer


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